Charlton’s love of techno turned to an obsession with djing back in 1999 when he began hunting those early gigs then in 2001 in he started producing his own music. After finishing his ‘Electronic Music Productions’ study he started putting together for his first live shows, which debuted in 2004. Charltons inventive style of producing tracks back then combining the techno sounds from “the old days” with his own dark off-beat rhythms, filled with nasty razor-sharp and hypnotizing acid basslines had a great impact on Dutch techno scene and his diary was soon full with gigs and residencies across Holland. His debut releases followed soon after on Bas Mooy & Jeroen Liebregts’ Audio Assault/Arms labels which were picked up and played by many big name artists. Releases on Pohjola, Aftertaste, Limetree & Labrynth soon followed and in 2006 the collaboration between Bas Mooy and Charlton led to the ‘Diabla Diezco’ alias, a project delivering “dark and evil techno straight from the streets of Rotterdam”. International bookings from across Europe including the massive Awakenings Festival have followed and in 2007 he became one of the founders of Return Records. Through this label he supports the development of the current techno scene, by creating a high quality music platform for upcoming and current internationally recognised producers.